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Notice regarding Queensland bailiff
service & execution fees
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aus-map_qld.pngThe Bailiff Service and Execution Fees service for Queensland is maintained in collaboration with our publishing partner Business Acumen magazine. You can use this service to find applicable bailiff fees to serve documents by SUBURB, relevant Magistrates Court addresses and jurisdictions, along with bailiff contact information and their service areas.

Bailiff-Sheriff Australia membership is required to access the Bailiff Service and Execution Fees service. Options available are: 24-hour access for $11 (inc. GST) or annual membership for $220 (inc. GST).

Click HERE to register or log in to this service. You will be redirected to the Business Acumen website for this process which will open in a new tab in your web browser. 

NOTE: Bailiff Service and Execution Fees increased as of 1st of July, 2016.

Fees, Costs and Charges (Queensland)

This is a basic guide to the fees, costs and charged applicable to the jurisdictions of particular Bailiff and Sheriff regions. Note that while all efforts are made to keep this information up to date, these fees are subject to change. Check with the Bailiff or Sheriff to be engaged to check the most up-to-date fees.

Click on the name of the item that you wish to view. Some items are located on an external link to another site. Should you wish to return to this page after being taken to an external link, click on your browser's 'Back' button to return. 

Bailiff Service & Enforcement Fees (Queensland)

Bailiff Service & Enforcement Fees -
Supreme & District Court

Bailiff Service & Enforcement Fees - Magistrate's Court
(external link)

Court Costs – Commonly Used Fees (Queensland)

Supreme & District Court Common Fees  

Magistrate's Court Common Fees

Fees & Allowances
(external link)

Bailiff Service Fees:
See Bailiff Service & Enforcement Fees - Magistrate's Court
(external link)

Federal Fees

Federal Court Fees & Costs
(external link)


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